Gathering books to offer to the diners at Stewpot. 

Hello. This is a placeholder picture of my dog Chrissy.

I'm a member of First Presbyterian Church, where Stewpot serves meals to the hungry every week day in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Currently I'm in graduate school for Library and Information Sciences. As a service project for a class, I developed the plan to offer books to the diners at Stewpot.  No charge.  No returns.  No strings. 

Just books for anyone at lunch who would like a book to read.

This may have started out as a class project, but it has turned into a terrific thing.  Book day is the 2nd Tuesday of the month. The diners have time to browse through the selections and we talk about authors and they choose the books they want to read.

Reading is one of the very best things in life.  It's my pleasure to offer books to the diners at Stewpot.  I hope you'll help.